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Second Language Acquisition / Literacy Development.

   Learn about BICS and CALP, e-Lective Language Learning, or read the first chapter of Language, Power and Pedagogy.

  Claims and counter-claims about Reading, Academic Language, Pedagogy, and Assessment. Summary

   Dr. Jim Cummins has written and presented many works on second language learning and literacy development, including:


The Case for Bilingual Education
Why Bilingual Education? by Stephen Krashen
ERIC® Clearinghouse on Assessment and Evaluation ... read more.

How effective is bilingual education? 
Elizabeth Howard, Center for Applied Linguistics... read more.

Visit James Crawford's Language Policy Web 
Possibly the most in-depth bilingual education site on the web.

Highlighted ESL Sites and Tools
Instant Multi-Language Translator
Great tool for the ESL writing workshop classroom. 

for Non and Limited English Proficient Students

Edward De Avila, Ph.D.

Mathematics For Students with Learning Disabilities from Language-Minority Backgrounds: Recommendations for Teaching Diane Torres Raborn

Rethinking Schools:  Online Urban Educational Journal.

Dr. James Cummins is a leader in second language learning and literacy development research. This website is an expanding resource for educators the world over.

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