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Drop us a line... ESL, Second Language Acquisition, the Texas EXCET, Jim Cummins, Literacy Assessment,  Bilingual Education, Classroom Management, Critical Literacy, ideas, suggestions, requests...

  • Literacy Assessment literacy portfolios, assessment instruments, teacher's journal, questions from the Texas Education Agency (TEA)...

  • Bilingual Classroom Lesson plan templates, thematic units, on-line reading rooms, science fair assistant, kid's corner for grades k, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6... 

  • Bilingual Education Theory cognitive theories: BICS, CALP, CUP and SUP, key legal cases, reflections on news articles pertaining to bilingual education, resources for teaching and research...

  • Spanish Language Arts Diario de reflecciones, bibliografía anotada, una unidad integrada de 22 lecciones, la importancia de la instrucción mediada por la cultura, el idioma y las experiencias tanto como el maestro como los estudiantes, estrategias, actividades, materiales y otros recursos que promuevan el aprendizaje optimo en cada alumno...

  • Jim Cummins Web Learn about BICS and CALP, read papers on second language acquisition, transformative pedagogy, language politics, the bilingual education debate...

  • Instructional Evaluation Testing and measurement in criterion referenced tests of mathematics, item writing, linking instructional goals and objectives to assessment... 

  • e-Lective Language Learning the theory and practice of an idea which increases the contextualization of text for developing readers and language learners...

  • Exceptional Learners cultural and linguistic diversity and exceptionality, ADD, ADHD, physical impairments, visual impairments, statistics, curriculum implications, interviews... 

  • School Wide ESL Structuring k-5 direction toward efficient deployment of  language instruction in an elementary setting... 

  • Reflective Teaching and the Texas EXCET all domains pertaining to the professional development portion of the EXCET: understanding learners, enhancing student achievement, understanding the teaching environment, school reports... 

  • Chess in the Mathematics Classroom chess warm-up, full 20 minute lesson in Real Player Video...

  • Annotated Internet Resources for Bilingual and ESL educators explanations and directions to a multitude of internet resources available to bilingual education teachers, researchers, and administrators. 

  • Social Studies dialogue on planning lessons on time continuity and change, the history of Houston as a lesson, activity ideas... 

  • Multi-Cultural Education increasing multicultural understanding through reflection and dialogue -relating culture and classroom...

  • Science concept maps, teaching flight and variables through paper airplanes, paper airplanes in the computer lab...

  • Kindergarten Literacy Development in English and Spanish speaking students. Ways to use interactive on-line storybooks to stimulate literacy development in Kindergarten age learners... 


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US Department of Education
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Student Center
Science Fair Assistant
Get bilingual help with some great science links.

Mission Read
Significantly improve motivation and reader's endurance.

Created by Justin Olmanson, I teach I learn.com looks to lead the drive towards integrated IT education solutions. The goal is optimization of technology in educational settings producing more successful learners through informed teaching. 

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